Humble Beginnings...





It all started with an elopement.  We are all familiar with the absolute chaos of 2020.  While so many businesses struggled, we were so honored to start a little elopement company that helped couples have weddings in a hard time.  What we didn't expect was that our simple foundation of honestly, professionalism, and joy would create an explosion in business and open up the doors to our dreams of owning a venue.  

When we discovered our humble space, we had no idea the turns it would take and the expansions we would go throuogh.  From a single building, to a block of buildings.

We are so honored to be a part of the renovation of the Old South Side of Indianapolis.  So much of our city's history started here and now we are here, helping to highlight an incredible community.

Our venue is family owned and operated!  Beth & Rich Waterman have spent the vast majority of their wedding career as successful wedding photographers.  Weddings are their passion, and they love making couples dreams come true!


Meet Your Planner..

A long time ago, I picked up a camera. I won’t say exactly how long because, well, that would just make me feel old! I will say it has been since high school. I picked up a camera and loved it. I loved how it felt capturing moments and freezing them in time. After photographing a friends wedding I was hooked! I absolutely loved every single minute of it. I cried with the bride and groom, I felt their love and the love of their friends and family. I decided I wanted to live my life documenting love.


I love making your wedding planning process as simple and happy as possible.  My goal is to make your experience fun, relaxing, and perfect in every way.  I absolutely love what I do, I truly have the dream job! With over 100 weddings done, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping you accomplish your dream wedding.

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