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But first.... 

At Ivory Foundry, we strive to provide our guests with the absolute best experience for a reasonable cost.  Our venue now offers in house bartending services included in our rental packages.  

Cash Bar Service

Cash bar service is automatically included in all of our venue bookings.

Open Bar Service

Beer & Wine Only
$25 per guest + 10% gratuity
Beer & Wine + Choose 2 signature cocktails
$30 Per guest + 10% gratuity

*Priced Per person of drinking age

That's right, we do not charge bar minimums.

Drunk In Love

Beer Options
Michelob Ultra $5
Miller Lite $5
Coors Lite $5
Bud Light $5
Yuenling $6
Corona $6

Wine Options
Oliver Blueberry Moscato $6
Oliver Soft White $6 Oliver Soft Red $6
Pinot Grigio $6
Dry Red Blend $6
Riesling $6

Mixed Drink Options
Gin & Tonic $7

Whiskey & Coke $7

Vodka & Cranberry $7

Truly Lemonade $7

White Claw $6

7&7 $7

Moscow Mule $7

Whiskey Sour $7

Gimlet $7
Peach Bellini $6
Strawberry Margarita 
Regular Margarita $7

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Include
Water, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Sprite

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